Continuous Payments (Recurring or CPA)


Time to play - access your API using these endpoints:


It’s time to process a payment for a subscription – this could happen at the first payment (remember INIT?) or subsequently, depending on how often the customer is billed. Set the subscription_type parameter to REBILL so we’re authorised to decrypt and charge a previously-stored card number for ongoing transactions.

Here’s an example of a REBILL authorisation request:

        } ,

Request Parameters

Parameter Format Length Description
subscription_type string 4 - 14 Initiate new (INIT) or recharge existing (REBILL) subscription.
Acceptable Characters: a-Z A-Z _
original_transaction_id ints 1 - 11 transaction_id value we generated and returned in the original INIT request.
Acceptable Characters: 0-9

There’s no need to include customer and billing parameters in the REBILL request. We decrypt these values from the INIT request you previously processed – all coming together, right?

The response parameters are the same as a standard authorisation transaction. More information can be found right here.

Please note: if you re using both Recurring Payments as well as our Banking API, you should consider grouping your payments using our Transaction Link feature. This is to Link the card re-payment to the initial funds that were sent, this information can then be pulled into your dispute packs to strengthen your defence and increase your chances of winning your case.