Continuous Payments (Recurring or CPA)


It’s time to process a payment for a subscription – this could happen at the first payment (remember INIT?) or subsequently, depending on how often the customer is billed. Set the subscription_type parameter to REBILL so we’re authorised to decrypt and charge a previously-stored card number for ongoing transactions.

Here’s an example of a REBILL authorisation request:

        } ,

Request Parameters

Parameter Format Length Description
subscription_type string 4 - 14 Initiate new (INIT) or recharge existing (REBILL) subscription.
original_transaction_id ints 1 - 11 transaction_id value we generated and returned in the original INIT request.

There’s no need to include customer and billing parameters in the REBILL request. We decrypt these values from the INIT request you previously processed – all coming together, right?

The response parameters are the same as a standard authorisation transaction. More information can be found right here.