Please remember your integration into the Acquired.com gateway isn’t complete until you thoroughly test all the links and functionality between our platform and your site. As Yoda said: Complete your training, you must.

Here are some of the scenarios we've pinpointed, it is critical to complete comprehensive testing.

Card Payments

Test out your integration via our Card API or HPP solution.

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3-D Secure

Test out your 3-D Secure integration using the API or HPP.


Account Updater

Test out your Account Updater integration.


The best approach is to go through each test card and develop processes to deal with each possible result. This will complete your integration into the Acquired.com platform.

It may seem like ‘overkill’ to hand over such an extensive list of card numbers, however we believe in transparency, to give you the opportunity and data to inform your customers on why a payment has been declined – the devil is in the details, but so is the opportunity to reclaim a sale or build trust. This is seen as a positive interaction allowing a positive intervention based on the decline reason code, potentially resulting in a successful sale and a happy customer.