Update Billing Details


There may be a time where you need to update one of your customers payment details to process subsequent REBILLs'. For example, you may have received a message from a customer to say they have updated their expiration date.

To allow for subsequent transactions against this customer to be processed, you would need to update the existing INIT for future use otherwise the token we have on file won't have the most up to date information and the transaction will be declined.

To complete this, you will need to process an UPDATE_BILLING transaction. Simply populate the subscription_type parameter with UPDATE_BILLING of the authorisation request.

Please see below sample code of an UPDATE_BILLING request.

    "company_pass":"password ",
        } ,
        "cardholder_name":"MR E N JOHNSON",
        } ,

Request Parameters

The table below details the parameters that must be submitted in order to update your token reference - the INIT.

Parameter Format Length Description
subscription_type string 4 - 14 Set value to: UPDATE_BILLING.
This instructs us to update the already stored card and customer data associated with a token reference if the transaction is successfully authorised with the cardholders issuing bank.

Please see below sample code of an UPDATE_BILLING response.

  "response_message":"Transaction Success",
      "issuing_bank":"BANK OF AMERICA",
      "issuing_country":"United Kingdom",
Hey - Does doing this automatically sound good to you - ensuring that all your tokens with us are all up to date with the latest information. Send a message to the Support Team and learn all about our Account Updater solution.