In order to utilise the platform you will initially require access to our testing environment.

Once your account has been confirmed will provide you with company_id, company_pass and company_key details which are required for all request types. You will also be granted access to the Hub allowing you to review and manage your transactions.

Please contact to gain access to the testing environment.

Integration Methods

In addition to providing a robust API solution and hosted payment page, Acquired are capable of processing both via a virtual terminal to facilitate MOTO payments and also via bulk files for the authorization and management of transactions.

In order to get started you will need to pick an authorisation solution that best suit your businesses requirements.

API Introduction supports payments via the Card API or the Banking API – you decide what works best for your business. Our platform has your back.

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Card API

The Acquired API integration method offers merchants with enhanced security capabilities the ability to integrate directly into our low latency platform.

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Banking API

We offer a real-time banking API solution taht allows you to conveiniently manage both your payments and banking requirements in one place!

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Hosted Payment Page

The Acquired HPP solution captures sensitive card data for you, reducing your PCI DSS burden and increasing your security.

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Connect to the Hub to download Transaction, Reconciliation and Settlement reports as well as submit Disputes Responses.

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Webhooks notify you about events that occur with regards to the payments that you process via, like status changes on payments.

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Transaction Queries

Use this service if you would like to to get the outcome of an individual transaction or groups of transactions if you are looking for insights to a customers payment history.

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A breakdown of additonal value adds provided by to help you increase the efficiency of your processing.

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