Dispute Reason Codes


If chosen, we can return an additional parameter within each transaction response message - bank_response_code, which is the actual transaction result code communicated directly from your customer's issuing bank.

If you want to add this feature to your account, please contact our Support Team and they can help you out.

The table below details the full list of possible issuer response codes you may encounter when processing.

Code Message Description
10.1 EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud VISA
10.2 EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud VISA
10.3 Other Fraud - Card Present Environment VISA
10.4 Card Absent Environment VISA
10.5 Visa Fraud Monitoring Program VISA
11.1 Card Recovery Bulletin VISA
11.2 Declined Authorisation VISA
11.3 No Authorisation VISA
12.1 Late Presentment VISA
12.2 Incorrect Transaction Code VISA
12.3 Incorrect Currency VISA
12.4 Incorrect Account Number VISA
12.5 Incorrect Amount VISA
12.6 Duplicate Processing/Paid by Other means VISA
12.7 Invalid Data VISA
13.1 Merchandise/Services Not Received VISA
13.2 Cancelled Recurring VISA
13.3 Not As Described or Defective Merchandise/Services VISA
13.4 Counterfeit Merchandise VISA
13.5 Misrepresentation VISA
13.6 Credit Not Processed VISA
13.7 Cancelled Merchandise/Services VISA
13.8 Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted VISA
13.9 Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value VISA
30 Legacy - Services Not Provided or Goods Not Received VISA
41 Legacy - Cancelled Recurring Transaction VISA
53 Legacy - Not as Described or Defective Merchandise VISA
57 Legacy - Fraudulent Multiple Transactions VISA
60 Legacy - Illegible fulfillment VISA
62 Legacy - Counterfeit Transaction VISA
70 Legacy - Card Recovery Bulletin, Exception File VISA
71 Legacy - Declined Authorisation VISA
72 Legacy - No Authorisation VISA
73 Legacy - Expired Card VISA
74 Legacy - Late Presentment VISA
75 Legacy - Transaction Not Recognised VISA
76 Legacy - Incorrect Currency or Transaction Code VISA
77 Legacy - Non-Matching Account Number VISA
78 Legacy - Service Code Violation VISA
80 Legacy - Incorrect Transaction Amount or Account Number VISA
81 Legacy - Fraud-Card Present environment VISA
82 Legacy - Duplicate Processing VISA
83 Legacy - Fraud - Card Absent Environment VISA
85 Legacy - Credit Not Processed VISA
86 Legacy - Paid by Other Means VISA
90 Legacy - Non-Receipt of Cash / Load Transaction Value at ATM or Load Device VISA
93 Legacy - Merchant Fraud Performance Program VISA
4802 Requested/Required Information Illegible or Missing MC
4807 Warning Bulletin File MC
4808 Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained MC