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We have recently launched a webhooks solution which sends JSON notifications directly to your application when events such as fraud alerts and customer disputes (previously known as chargebacks) take place against your account.

These webhook notifications are configured by the Acquired.com Support Team and are sent directly to a URL which is specified by you.

If you choose to avail the solution, you will benefit from increased automation, enhanced efficiency, reduction in costs as well as a reduction in the time spent on back office tasks.

If the immeidate webhook notification solution interests you, just contact the Support Team and they will help you out.


To give you a real-life use case:

Currently, your support team(s) will login to the Acquired.com Hub on a daily basis and check the system for new disputes. They will also check existing disputes already in the system to see if their status has been updated to lost or recovered. In each case, your team will pull down the most up-to-date data from the Hub, and load the information into your own system to reflect the changes. Following this they may perform some additional actions, for example, they may manually deactivate the customer account for which there has been a dispute raised in order to prevent further credit being issued.

However, if you implement the webhook solution for disputes, we will deliver to you a webhook notification whenever new fraud cases or disputes are received against your account. This allows you to introduce logic which can immediately place a block on the customer's account to prevent further sales from taking place. This ensures there is no further exposure to disputes and dispute fees relating to these customers. It also ensures that you do not incur unnecessary PSP costs for processing subsequent transaction attempts.

In addition to this, your Support teams will no longer be required to log on to the Hub on a daily basis in order to check for new disputes. This saves them valuable time and allows them to focus their efforts elsewhere. It also removes the risk of data entry errors occurring when updating your systems manually.

As we have introduced an API call to support dispute responses, you can now defend a customer dispute immediately via API upon receipt of the webhook notification. This would allow you to completely automate the entire dispute process from end-to-end and further reduce the time spent on these back office tasks.


The below table details the webhook notifications that can be configured within the Hub - at your request, obviously.

Name Description
retrieval_new All new retrieval request instances will be sent to you.
dispute_new All new disputes / chargebacks instances will be sent to you.
dispute_status Whenever there is a update to an existing dispute we will notify you.
dashboard_response Whenever a transaction is updated within the Acquired dashboard we will send you a notification, for example, VT payment processed, transaction refunded, voided etc.


You are able to set the URL(s) that you would like each webhook notification to be sent to within the Hub. Just drop the Support Team a note with your specified URL(s) and they will configure your account.

In addition to this, there is an option to set an email address which we will use to notify you in case of any connection issues when attempting to send webhooks to your URL(s).

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