Card Storage are a fully compliant PCI DSS v3.2 service provider. We can securely store your sensitive cardholder data using our tokenisation solution, which can be used to process your recurring transactions.

Allowing us to store and tokenise your customers' sensitive payment data vastly reduces your PCI DSS obligations and gives you peace of mind that your customers' card data is safe.

To do so, you must use the original_transaction_id in place of the sensitive data - meaning, you just have to store an eight digit number and thus, vastly reducing your PCI Compliance obligations and gives you piece of mind that your customers' data is safe.

We firmly believe that if you currently, or one day will look to support recurring payments, you should work your way through each section.

Save a Card

When customers are signing up for the first time to use your services, you need to let us know when to tokenise their details to allow for future payments to be taken.

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One-Click Checkout

If a customer wants to make a payment with previously used card details, you can pre-populate the payment page with their details, resulting in a slick payment experience for your customers.

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Recurring Payments

Do you need to collect funds on a weekly / bi-weekly / monthly basis or do you have pre-authorisation for CPA?

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Account Updater

Automatically update expired or lost/stolen cards to keep your payments going.

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Manage Cards

You can update a token on our platform by updating your customer’s payment details, i.e. if they notify you that they have been issued a new card.

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Update Billing Details

You can update a token on our platform by updating your customer’s personal details, i.e. if they move house.

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Token Migration

If you have tokens stored with an alternative payment provider, you may want to continue processing against those customer accounts through our platform.

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