Settlement Report


The settlement report is a summarised version of the reconciliation report. We provide a clear, easy-to-read summary of the payments you have received along with all the possible clearing types affecting your end of day settlement.

View an opening balance, the revenue collected from sales, any refunds that were processed via your account, all disputes and related fees and lastly, any miscellaneous activities.

The report provides a quick snap-shot allowing for quick reconciliation to take place. However, you will still need to track the payments you receive into your bank account ensuring that all transactions processed match what you receive.

Did you know? You can download this report directly from the Hub API into your system? For more information, please see here.

Report Parameters

Listed below are the parameters with an associated description.

Parameter Description
Date The date the report has been created.
Opening Balance The current balance on your merchant account.
Sales The successful payments you processed. This information is provided on a count and amount basis - giving you full visibility.
Refunds Any refunds you have processed. Again, we provide the information on a count / amount basis.
Disputes All the newly raised disputes and / or the recovered disputes displayed on a count / amount basis.
Fees Any fees relating to any disputes your account has incurred.
Misc. Any other fees that will impact the settlement amount.
Reserve The rolling reserve value that has been credited / debited from your account - only applicable to certain merchants.
Net Amount The actual amount of each transaction that will be credited to your account.