Back office processes are simply not for everyone, but, unfortunately, they are completely necessary. The truth is, every day operations can often stifle what could be a thriving business unless you take control of them.However, that is generally easier said than done when you’re dealing with multiple parties involved in a transaction. That’s why we created our suite of reporting tools, a set of tools designed to help avoid the manual work and the seemingly endless search for truth in the numbers and to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s really happening in the inner workings of your organisation.

Our Financials and Frauds reporting suites are designed to give you the real story, the information you need most, quickly and easily. Conveniently, they live in the Hub so you can download your reports directly from the platform, or you download these reports directly into your system using the Hub API.

The Hub gives you the ability to adjust your view of the data in the way you like, as often as you like. If you prefer to view your reporting at a MID level, you are able to toggle this in the Hub, or if want it all at once you can group your MIDs as well. Complete control of your data, that’s our mission.


Get a full understanding of the payments you have collected - at a transactional level.

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A summarised version of the reconciliation report - a finance departments secret weapon.

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View all of your disputes and action them all within the report.

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Any fraud alerts you may have received will be displayed here.

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If any of your customers have 'cancelled' their CPA, you can find out here.

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