Load Balancing

If you have multiple acquiring connections through the Acquired.com platform, an optional service to split your traffic across each of these acquiring partners is available.

The benefits of implementing this solution are:

  1. The ability to route transactions across multiple accounts.
  2. Reduce risk and increase processing volumes.
  3. Establishing which acquiring partner performs best.
  4. Routing transactions via the most cost-efficient acquirer.

With this solution, you can set the ratio split of your transactions allowing you to optimise your solution. All configurable within the Hub.

As you begin to process your payments via Acquired.com, you may see one of your acquirers achieving a higher authorisation rate. You can then choose to increase the volume of your transactions with the acquirer that performs best. This will lead to a higher authorisation rate and increased revenue and collections.

If you choose to avail this solution, we recommend to begin processing an even ratio – 50 / 50 split between your acquiring partners. You can then view which acquirer performs best and adjust the split accordingly. If you are interested, please contact support@acquired.com.