BIN Filters

Learn more about a BIN

The first six digits of a customer’s cardnumber are known as the BIN (Bank Identification Number).

A BIN provides critical points of data with regard to the card being used.

It can identify the type of card being processed (Credit / Debit), if the card is prepaid or a business corporate card. The BIN will also provide information on the bank that issued the card and the country where the card was originally issued.

Please note - If your MCC is 6012, we will block Credit cards automatically.

Possible Filters

We offer four different BIN Filters that can be configured against your account. If you attempt to process a card that is listed within the BIN Filter configuration on your MID, we will stop that attempt from being processed before it reaches the banking network.

Level Description
The type of card being processed e.g. Credit / Debit.
The card level, this can be prepaid or a corporate card.
Where the card was issued from.
If you want to block all transactions from a specific issuer, you can set the block here.

Response Codes

If you attempt to process a card that has been blocked, we respond with four possible codes:

  • 405: Blocked: BIN Filter (Type)
  • 406: Blocked: BIN Fliter (Level)
  • 407: Blocked: BIN Filter (Country)
  • 408: Blocked: BIN Filter (Bank)
Please note - If you want a BIN Filter implemented against your account or have any further questions – please contact